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Aansluitende duurzaamheid

Het vormgeven van de toekomst op verantwoorde wijze is onderdeel van onze manier van denken. Let's connect.


A world that is just, viable and and fit to live in - that is our goal. We want to hand over our company and our environment in a healthy condition to the next generation. To that end, we are connecting ecological, economical and social sustainability.

Economy | Society


We open up opportunities for people by doing business efficiently and sustainably


  • Through cooperation with training organisations around the world
  • Through excellent apprenticeships, internships and traineeships
  • Through challenging jobs around the world, that offer many additional opportunities for employees


Society | Environment


We set high ecological standards and carry these on into society


  • With lectures and knowledge networking in order to communicate ideas and suggestions about ecological and sustainable business practices to society at large
  • With a healthy environment for a healthy society


Environment | Economy


We protect the environment sustainably through efficient and economical production


  • We reuse waste heat from machinery to heat production areas
  • With our energy management's permanent monitorings, we uncover many opportunities for improvement that are then implemented
  • We deploy environmentally-sound equipment such as efficient compressors or electric transporters