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Connections for the future

The economy as one important driver of the future. We are connecting it with an awareness built on sustainability.


Stability and independence. In order to safeguard a secure future, we do business responsibly and always focus on maintaining financial stability and long-term independence. This means that we cope with economic ups and downs confidently, retain jobs and maintain solid growth. We live the concept of economic sustainability self-reliantly and independently.

We do business on the basis of our values


We achieve stability and a sustainable result for our work by balancing and interplaying our four corporate values: innovation, customers, employees, quality.


Continual innovation in products and processes ensures our long-term competitiveness. It both calls for and supports creativity from all areas of our company.


We meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by providing functional high-quality products, a market-oriented price-performance ratio, and outstanding logistics.


Qualified, committed and performance-oriented employees that have a strong feeling of identification with Weidmüller contribute to our global economic success.


Quality in all processes, products and services is the precondition for entrepreneurship characterised by trust, reliability and professionalism.


Traditionally, Weidmüller has focused on the four core corporate values for sustainable business, but always with a eye on the future.


We are growing globally


Based on a history of solid growth, we are building a sustainable and global network for development, production and sales, while at the same time further strengthening our roots in Detmold, through continuous expansion. We always expand safely and sustainably in terms of financial stability and the long-term independence of the company. In this way, we are developing the company responsibly and successfully and are close to our customers. Because close personal relationships is one core strengh of our business - Let's connect.