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Connecting sustainability

A future that is fit to live in, for the environment and for society - We accept the challenge of achieving this. Because the best connections are forward-looking.


Weidmüller acts sustainably: we are aware of our economic, ecological and social responsibilities when it comes to passing both the company and the environment onto the next generation, in a successful and healthy condition. Our commitment to a sustainable future is built on these three pillars: economy, environment and society.


  • Being a family-owned company, we maintain our financial stability

  • We maintain the independence of the company by keeping it within the family for the long term

  • We focus on sustainable growth when defining our expansion strategy



  • We champion the protection of resources and the climate

  • We make efficient use of energy in all our processes worldwide, from development, through production and right up to logistics

  • We create products and solutions that support our partners in their endeavours to use resources sustainably



  • We promote our employees worldwide with training possibilities and various career opportunities
  • We are committed to the people at our locations

  • We promote new talent

Connecting sustainability: Weidmüller connects sustainability for a world that is just, viable and and fit to live in, now and in the future. For that reason, we look beyond individual measures and consider the wider picture. We do business sustainably, which opens up new opportunities both to our staff and to the world at large. We protect the environment, conserve energy and resources and promote an understanding for ecology amongst our staff and within society. We promote the interests of everyone we work with, from new recruits to experienced employees, which also promotes our economic future.


We accept responsibility, also within the framework of globalisation. We are committed to this responsibility through the ZVEI Code of Conduct and we reinforce it through our membership of the German Network of the UN Global Compact.

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Sustainability is a global subject for us. Weidmüller group companies around the world are committed to a healthy world that is fit to live in.


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