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OMNIMATE Signal - Universal device feed-through connector

Extra convenience and cost savings during installation


Device feed-through connectors are often used as „wire-to-wire connection“ in order to create pluggable connections through housing walls between multiple devices in an IP20 zone.


We‘ve come up with an extremely versatile yet simple solution for such applications. Our lockable device feed-through connector is not dependent on the pole count of the connector and can be quickly installed without any tools. You can choose between three standard wire-connection systems – to suit a wide range of applications.

1. Reduced installation costs

The use of an expanding rivet enables the connector to be quickly and securely seated in the housing cut-out. There is no need for any cutting or tightening of the threads.

2. Versatile usage options

With three available connection systems, these feed-through connectors can be adapted to meet regional requirements in different applications around the world.

3. Easy to handle

We have deliberately avoided using an additional feed-through frame – this simplifies the preparation of the housing and the subsequent assembly of the feed-through connector.

4. Securely attached

An expandable rivet (of the type often used in the automotive industry) is used to ensure that the feed-through connector can be firmly attached to thin or thick walls: for wall ranging from 0.5 to 2 mm thick.

5. Customer-oriented solutions

You can order the expanding rivet as a separate accessory or pre-attached to the connector..