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PV Monitoring and Communication

Transparency in photovoltaic performance – monitoring and communication

Components and solutions for wind turbines

Reliable electrical components and electronic devices

Products for ship building and ship operation

Products and solutions with high degrees of automation and long service life

Ammonia-resistant connectors for use in photovoltaic systems

Accredited Weidmüller laboratory successfully tests WM4 connector in accordance with UL requirements (UL 486E)

Charging infrastructure for electrical mobility

Proven electrical and electronic components from Weidmüller for charging systems

Products for the process industry

Solutions for the signal connections, even for hazardous area applications

Gaining with blanket coverage

Weidmüller offers a wide line of power-saving and customised components that help increase efficiency in the photovoltaic sector.

Combiner boxes

Combiner boxes are located between the solar modules and the inverter.


The clever way to optimise the profit of your photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic junction box

Innovative junction box for photovoltaic modules with a rated current of max. 10.5 Ampere


Smart software for collecting data and monitoring photovoltaic facilities

FieldPower® LED

Sturdy outdoor lighting solutions for wind energy

Transclinic xi+

System for continuous performance monitoring of photovoltaic systems

FieldPower® DC-Network

Switch-mode power supply with decentralised fuse protection

New Klippon® TB enclosure series

Stainless steel enclosures for use within hazardous areas

FieldPower® Drive

Power distributor and system cables for decentralised drive technology

Lighting strategies with FieldPower®

Tower and pitch lighting in wind power plants

High-voltage transfer boxes

Weidmüller has designed a special high-voltage transfer box to help with quick and easy on-site connections.

Diode and resistor modules

A compact solution from Weidmüller enables high power density in a very small space.

Safe controls for the sanding system

The sturdy Klippon® housing solution for fastening to the train underbody

WM4 Photovoltaic Plug Connector

The reliable plug connector for quick and safe connections in photovoltaic applications


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