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Our traditional and successful core business unit Electrical Connectivity stands for an extensive product range of "systematic components" for the complete construction of passive network infrastructures for automation systems, i.e. for power, signals and data.

The new generation of two-pole voltage testers

Already approved according to the new standard

Meet the Experts

Weidmüller's Global Industry Managers at the PROFIBUS road show

Four new specialists

The new Weidmüller screwdrivers are tailored specifically to your applications. Outstanding features include optimum handling and reduced wear.

CC-Link opens the "Gateway to China"

The "Gateway to China" programme provides easier access to the Chinese market

Solutions for process control systems

You can rely on us to deliver

Seismic requirements fulfilled

After completing their lab test successfully, Weidmüller's PRV and PPV PUSH IN terminals for routing and potential distribution can now be used under seismic conditions.

THM Plus S

Label printing with optional cutting and perforation

Multi-stripax® PV and CTF PV WM4

Practical crimping tools for photovoltaic applications

WDT/WT 2.5

Extendable terminal block with reserve cabinet capacity

Terminal blocks for 1,000 VDC applications

Weidmüller terminal blocks are subjected to a partial discharge test for direct current voltage. The test checks to see if the terminal blocks are absolutely suitable for the safe operation of photovoltaic systems.

RockStar® IP68 housings

Waterproof housings for heavy duty connectors


Motor connect terminal block with PUSH IN connection and additional PE connection for three phase consumers

MultiCard extensions

Labelling systems for labelling terminal blocks, wires, cables and even facilities

FreeCon Passive

A new connection solution for quicker installation when working with robotics cabling and IP65/IP67 cabling in the field

FreeCon Active

PROFINET-POF repeater with diagnostic functionality

Enclosure Production

Weidmüller supplies Klippon® enclosures which are designed to meet the highest standards demanded by our customers. This picture gallery gives an exclusive insight into Weidmüller's enclosure production.

Solutions for fibre optic transmission

EtherNet/IP compliant Bayonet connector and the HTX-IE-POF tool for cutting, stripping and crimping of polymer fibres (POF)