WIN! No. 12 | 2013

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In Detail

Panel building requires innovative ideas

Added efficiency in planning, installation and operation: this requirement calls for a practical approach and experience, not to mention pioneering spirit. Weidmüller has restructured its range of solutions for panel wiring – and is providing tailor-made application products and services.



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In Detail

Outpacing faults
Weidmüller is helping its customers to acquire valuable knowledge from machinery and production data.


In Action
Marking in the configuration process

With M-Print® PRO eCAD, Weidmüller offers a user-friendly add-on to EPLAN Electric P8 that provides intelligent, automated component marking. One of the beneficiaries is the automotive division of optoelectronics group Jenoptik.


Overview of more current topics:


Energy monitoring at all levels


Weidmüller’s Total Energy Monitoring approach allows energy and process data to be monitored and analysed from the network transfer point at plant level via the production lines and machinery through to individual machinery modules.



Creative scope for plant planners


Contactless transmission technology opens up new automation opportunities. In cases where a manual plug connection is not an option, advanced applications can be implemented with automated couplings.



Powerful "sunroof"


Just under a year separated the initial idea and the grid connection of Switzerland’s most powerful rooftop photovoltaic system. Weidmüller’s know-how and experience helped achieve this record-breaking time.



Think big: partner country USA


As the partner country of this year’s Hannover Messe, the USA joins the ranks of the leading industrial nations showcasing their products every year at the world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology. Weidmüller has been operating in North America for over 40 years and is looking forward to the dialogue in Hanover.



New selection system for OMNIMATE device connectivity


Lots of support, less paper: the compact catalogue supports device developers with their design-in process with webcodes.



Cost-effective marking for the entire panel


Industry 4.0 is leading to increasingly complex connection technology and a corresponding high demand for systematic and fast identification inside the panel. Weidmüller is responding to this with products such as MultiMark, the innovative concept for cost-effective marking.



Still new, and always with plenty of energy


With its expertise, comprehensive solutions and global presence, Weidmüller has been supporting renewable energy projects around the world for many years. Numerous requirements are already familiar and have already been met. Nevertheless, the still-growing markets continue to bring new perspectives and demand fitting solutions.



Massively flexible – with ease


Weidmüller has a simple solution to the problem of complex signal connections in modular production systems with multiple protection classes: the flexible, integrated combination of IP 20 and IP 67 in u-remote.



Uplifting solutions


Extreme heights, extreme distances and extreme environments – these are the challenges faced by the operators of wind power installations when performing maintenance work. Weidmüller is developing application-specific condition monitoring solutions in order to ensure that service and maintenance work can be planned in advance and initiated automatically.



Uncompromisingly powerful and safe


These were Siemens’ requirements for the SINAMICS V90 servo drive system together with its connection system. As a practical specialist, Weidmüller knows exactly what is required for drive controls and scores with the BLZ 7.62IT plug-in connector at Siemens in Nanjing.



Precision in motion


In China, demand in the field of elevator technology is shooting upwards, just like the buildings. Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation is a specialist in this segment. u-remote demonstrates its system benefits in robots developed especially for welding functions in elevator engineering.



Environmental conditions of superlatives


Deserts in the north of Chile are one of the driest places on earth. Specifically adapted to their extreme environmental conditions, Weidmüller bundles high-quality components to provide innovative solutions.



The smallest particles solve the greatest riddles


With the European XFEL X-ray laser, a unique research facility is currently emerging in Hamburg, Germany, where extremely high-energy laser light has already made it possible to gain almost unprecendented insights into matter. Weidmüller is involved with the pioneering project thanks to its Industrial Connectivity solutions for DCS marshalling and data transmission.



Transparent energy management


The efficient use and self-sufficient generation of energy are two of the Winkelmann Group’s declared objectives. Weidmüller is supporting the medium-sized international business in setting up a flexible energy management system.



Customised energy monitoring from a single source


The economical use of resources is already of great importance in many companies. With intelligently networked hardware components, Weidmüller allows for all relevant energy data to be recorded in line with demand.



Uniquely simple and clear


Thanks to its integrated display, the ACT20P Pro DCDC II analogue signal converter provides highest measurement accuracy and extremely simple configuration. Ideal conditions for its main area of application in the classical machinery sector.